Sometimes DIY is overwhelming but hiring the right coordinator can be helpful.

Lacey is busy woman who prides herself in her ability to take charge and organize any situation. Since meeting Stephen, her husband-to-be, she had taken the proverbial coordinating bull by the horns and wrangled it towards what she ultimately wanted: a wedding that their family and friends would always remember.

Lacey was extremely excited when she took on the daunting task of coordinating her wedding and began assigning duties to family and friends in a effort to include everyone that she wanted to share that special day with. However, as the date grewnear, she realized that being a bride was tough enough without taking on the task of attending to every detail. Even though she is a coordinator by nature, planning her wedding became a burdensome source of stress as that special date drew closer. The fact that her and Stephen lived on opposite ends of the state didn’t really factor in until it was time to work with the vendors. Trying to plan out every little detail about their wedding and figuring out who would provide each service was a challenge enough. Trying to coordinate meetings with vendors around hers and Stephen’s individual work schedules made that challenge even more formidable.

Lacey’s friend Chea, from Chea Studio Photography, frequently works with Unforgettable Service & Events and the Inspire Wedding Tour. When Chea heard that Lacey was feeling a lot of pressure, she guided her towards the Inspire Wedding Tour and ultimately towards Dawn from Unforgettable. Chea knew that Dawn could provide some much needed help when it came to planning Lacey and Stephen’s special day. Following the Fall Inspire Wedding Tour, Lacey and Stephen decided that what they most wanted from their wedding was to make it a special day to be remembered not only by them, but also by their families and friends as well. By hiring Unforgettable Service & Events, Lacey was able to spend more time working on things she enjoyed without be bogged down by every single detail of the event.

As her wedding drew near, Lacey took some time talk about her experience in hiring a coordinator. “I had heard of Dawn and Unforgettable Service from various friends, but I didn’t really think about hiring someone until I met her. I’m a planner by nature and didn’t really think I needed a coordinator.” But with Lacey taking primary on her special day, she found she was overwhelmed by the details and stressed about scheduling every facet of her wedding. “It’s an emotional event and you want it to be perfect… but it was just too much.” By hiring Dawn and Unforgettable Service & Events, she found that she didn’t have to focus on every detail and could, instead, allow her family and friends to enjoy the experience as much as she would.

For Lacey and Stephen, they found that perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring Unforgettable Service & Events, was that it allowed them to focus on making sure their parents didn’t have to work on wedding details which allowed everyone to enjoy time with their new families.  Lacey really wanted everyone to embrace the day without worrying about making sure every detail was in place and that everything happened at its required time. Dawn was able to make sure that the vendors stayed within Lacey and Stephen’s budget and acted as a liaison when needed. “Dawn really knows how to schedule and she thinks about every detail for the wedding”, Lacey said. “It was helpful to not have to worry about those things.  I was in the 7th Circle of Hell trying to arrange the seating chart. Even at 10pm on a Friday night, Dawn took my call and walked me through the details. I love that she’s so willing to put my mind at ease.” Dawn’s attention to detail and dedication to client care was comforting when Lacey began to feel the most pressure.

When asked what the best part of hiring Unforgettable was, Lacey said, “I’m so excited about having family and friends at our wedding. It helps keep us accountable to them and to each other. In the end, we will have an insanely documented wedding that we can look back on for years to come”. Without a doubt, Lacey could have handled the coordinating the wedding, but in the end, it was the peace of mind that she found in working with Dawn and her staff that made her special day Unforgettable!

 Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.26.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.31.55 PM

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