The Mother of All Baby Showers

Hello Unforgettable Fans!

This week, we are featuring a non-wedding event. To give you an example of our dedication to our clients, no matter what may happen, we decided to highlight the event we planned for client Chea Barnes (who was the photographer of the pictures shown in last week’s event) – a baby shower for her sister.


Chea Studio Photography

Chea Studio Photography


Chea had recently relocated to Portland making the logistics of what she thought would be an easily planned shower a bit more of a challenge, so much so, that when she did make the call for some information, she just decided to put it in our capable hands. After a few conversations, Dawn and the florist, Bonnie, had a good vision of what Chea was looking for.  Together they worked for the next 6 weeks fine tuning and creating the beautiful vintage baby shower for 28 lovely ladies to celebrate the birth of baby Ava. They decided on the theme of country vintage, a coral/peach color pallet and 7 different pies .


Chea Studio Photography

Chea Studio Photography

The baby shower had been planned and everything was going smoothly until life threw quite the curveball at Dawn. On her way to set up the baby shower for Chea’s sister, Dawn was hit by a tow truck that resulted in a totaled VW Jetta, and an emergency room visit via an ambulance. Luckily, the florist and vineyard owner were at the scene of the accident and able to get the equipment out of Dawn’s car before it was hauled off. Then, our associate event director, Mandy Hoggard, called on new team member Jen McNutt-Bloom, who was already on her way to the venue with pies and brunch in hand from our amazing baker and caterer, to finish the set and assist in the final tear down. Without an amazingly talented team of individuals working together, a situation like this could have ended much differently for the client.


Chea Studio Photography

Chea Studio Photography

As always, we work tirelessly behind the scenes, no matter where we are (including an emergency room), to ensure all our clients, no matter what size or design of their event, have a truly unforgettable experience!

-US&E Staff

One thought on “The Mother of All Baby Showers

  1. Everything was absolutely beautiful! The best baby shower I could ask for. Thank you for everything Unforgettable Events! A day I will never forget. And I am so thankful you were alright after the car accident.

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